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MC Mir-26 (ARSAT), 3.5/45 wide-angle lens for ARAX.

Price: $225 (weight with wrapping is 0.8 kg.)

Lens made from high quality glasses but originally without multi-coating (MC). We made custom Multi-Coating on ARSENAL factory.
The sophisticated seven-layer dielectric coatings are vacuum-deposited on glass-to-air surfaces to reduce internal reflection, increase transmission efficiency and enhance contrast. Excellent choice for nature pictures.

The price indicated for mint, never used lens.
Comes with front and rear cap, protective case.

This lens was multi coated and tested by our company. All factory defects and deficiencies corrected.

Compatible with:

  • Pentacon-Six
  • Exacta-66
  • Arax
  • Kiev-6C
  • Kiev-60
  • Kiev-88CM
  • Hartblei
  • Kiev-BIG
  • Kiev-Six
  • Kiev-USA

You can use it with Tilt or Shift adapters:

Aperture, focal length,mm Visual angle, degree Thread for light filters Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg Price
3.5/45 83 Ø82×0.75 Ø86×96.5 0.65 $225

Specifications of Kiev/Arax lenses >>

MC Mir-26 by ARAX

MC Mir-26C 3.5/45 lens by ARAX

MC Mir-26b 3.5/45 lens by ARAX

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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